I am very excited to share my first npm package which I have created which can be used as a template for create-react-app.

You can view package on https://www.npmjs.com/package/cra-template-empty-react-app link.

How to use the package

You can either download the code from https://github.com/thesologlobesightseer/empty-react-app or you can use use the package using the command as below

npx create-react-app <app-name> — template empty-react-app


yarn create react-app <app-name> — template empty-react-app

While executing this command you just need to put the intended app-name. This package contains preconfigured empty react app folder structure which contains lot more than this.

You can get pre-configured WebPack as well.

Future plan: Soon, I will be adding the pre-configured progressive web application, authenticator and lot more.

Feel free to request new features on https://github.com/thesologlobesightseer/empty-react-app/discussions as well.

Date: 7th January, 2018

Completed this trek in half day, starting from Panvel at 8.00am.

Geography of Kalavantin Durg :

Kalavantin Durg is easily seen from Panvel. Opposite Matheran and next to Prabalgad Fort. Kalavantin is a 500m high pinnacle on the northern edge of the Prabal plateau. …

Swapnil Madhukar Waman

An avid dreamer, a bibliophile, a hopeless travel addicted, and a boy who gulps down large cups of tea many times a day and off course a passionate writer.

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